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Jon Egging will be missed
We would like to have a thought for Jon Egging who died at 33. Jon was one of the best pilots in the world, and crashed his Hawk T1 after a demonstration of the Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Air Festival in Dorset, England. Jon was part of the elite of fighter pilots jets. He joined the Red Arrows in 2010 and was Red 4, flying on the right hand of the Nine Diamond Formation. We are all saddened by this loss and our thoughts go to his family and friends. Earlier in the year Jon spoke to his local newspaper about being part of the Red Arrows, and how privileged he felt to be a member of such an elite team. He totally deserved to be part of the team as Jon was a fantastic pilot and a true team player. All the pilots of the Red Arrows are jet fighter pilots from frontline Royal Air Force squadrons.
fly a jet fighter the 10th and 11th Sept in Abbeville
Save the date: we will be flying the Fouga Magister in Abbeville on the 10th and 11th September. This is good news for anyone who wants to experience a great jet fighter ride – the Fouga Magister is simply awesome – but also for a unique chance to fly on the coast. I mean, along the coast, just meters above the waves, and along the white cliffs of the Channel. A 30mn jet fighter flight is enough to get you to the coast from Abbeville, whereas it requires a one hour ride from Beauvais, where our jet fighter is usually stationed. Another great thing about Abbeville is that we can do aerobatics right on the airfield as there is not a lot of traffic at this airport. This is great for you, but also for the people who accompany you and share the experience as they can see you in action! The airfield is also very friendly, good and simple food, so all in all, it is a great day out. So save the date, the 10th and 11th September in Abbeville in the Fouga Magister. Check out the pictures!
Getting ready for air combat
As we mentioned earlier, we are now preparing for a great new flying experience: dogfighting. And to finalise our operations, this summer we went to see some friends in California to see how they were doing it. And we have been reassured as we have had some tremendous fun flying and fighting, just like in air combat. In California, two outfits are doing dog fighting. One with L39 Albatros jet fighters – Mach One. The experience is great, and you have a pilot assisting and looking out for all the traditional dangers of flying a jet fighter so you can focus on the shooting. This was great fun. The other outfit is Air Combat and they propose the dog fighting experience in smaller propeller planes. This experience proved to be even better than with jet fighters as we could focus entirely on what a fighter pilot does – flying and fighting – instead of just trying to shoot. Smaller planes give offer a full hands-on approach without worrying for Gs, sharp turns and so forth. Ultimately, even if dogfighting in a jet fighter is a lot of fun, especially for pilots, we found the smaller planes better adjusted to non pilots. We are quite happy as this is the path we have chosen for our new operations to start soon in Bordeaux. We are finalizing bits and pieces, and we promise you, it will be fantastic!
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Dogfighting coming soon….
As you know, our operations in Bordeaux are currently on hold as we are preparing a fantastic experience for you, to begin in September or October of this year. It will be the first and only dogfight training and experience in Europe. We are currently finalizing the project, and got approval from the French air regulatory body. Soon, you will be able to embark in light plane, dogfight, do military maneuvers and try to shoot down your opponent. You will be placed in situation, with a military pilot next to you, to guide you and give you training. Be prepared for a unique fighter experience, coming very soon. We are very excited about this and hope you will enjoy this too.
Corporate events: fly a jet fighter
We get more and more involved in the organization of corporate events and this has proven fun to do. It is always exciting to participate in the launch a product, or to reward winners of a competition, to discuss about our job and what it means to fly a jet fighter… We have done many different things in the past 6 months, which have been very good. So here is a recap of what we can do: for TVs and the press wishing to experience and report on the experience, you are welcome to do so – however there is no free ride – unless we think we will get decent coverage for your report, but it better be good (even the BBC paid…). Product launch, we work with various brands who wish to be assimilated to the concept of excellence of fighter jet pilots, or the adrenalin, and power of flying a jet fighter. This we can do especially well in both our hangars near Paris. Advertising, and this is fun. You can place your products or services next to our jet fighters, or use them as background for your advert. But we truly love is to fly, and share the experience, so we love these corporate days out when companies come in order to have a good time and fly the jet fighter. This is great and very fulfilling for us. So if ever you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.
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We are doing the Pontoise Airshow
We are very excited as we are going to participate to the Pontoise Airshow, held in September 2011. This is our second participation to this specific airshow with the L39 Albatros. We are particularly pleased as it is our home base for the L39. Lots of people will attend and great pilots will participate. The Patrouille de France, the French national display team will be there, as well as the feminine aerobatic world champion. The Rafale should be on display, as will our L 39 Albatros, and many other jet fighters. So keep the date and come see us in Pontoise on the 4th September. After the show, we might even go for jet fighter rides, so if anyone is interested, just give us call. The video attached is our rehearsal for the last airshow we did in Pontoise.
We fly our jet fighter in Abbeville in July!
We will be flying our Fouga Magister jet fighter in Abbeville at the following dates: 31st July 2011 24-25th September 2011 Keep the date if you want to live a truly amazing flying experience. Abbeville is a fantastic smaller airport. Located just south of Le Touquet, it has a nice pilot lounge, restaurant and bar which is overlooking the runway. It is great also because the people who accompany you for the ride can come to the plane and take great pictures of you by and in the jet. Secondly, Abbeville is fantastic because we can do some aerobatics just above the airfield. So your family and friends can also enjoy the ride. But thirdly, the greatest thing about Abbeville is that we are so quick to the sea. You fly the jet fighter – yes you take the controls – on our way from Abbeville to the Sea. You can even do some maneuvers like little turns, and if we are confident enough, we will let you do a roll. Then, we regain the controls of the jet fighter as we reach the sea. We will lower our altitude and another fun begins… This is truly amazing. Check out some of our videos on this website. You can also see some videos on our Vimeo page: If you want to know more about our jet fighter rides, and how you can book yours, please contact us by email or telephone.
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Fly a jet fighter in July
Wow it’s already July! It has gone so fast. We have had a fantastic six months of the year. We have been flying almost every day, getting more and more people to fly a jet fighter and experience the thrills of a lifetime. Here are some news about what happened in June. We have done more than 15 sorties this month in the Fouga Magister in Abbeville. And flying right over the water and along the cliffs is still something that gives us goose bumps. The rest of the time we have been flying the Fouga in Beauvais, and the L39 Albatros in Paris. What else: we were associated with the launch of movies, namely Transformers 3 and the Green Lantern, as people could enter a competition to win a jet fighter ride. We have done many corporate events also, companies inviting clients and rewarding employees with a jet ride, and this has taken also a bit of time. Lastly, we have welcomed NBC, the US network as they were filming a documentary about extraordinary experiences, and we are quite good at this. We expect July to be as good. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about flying a jet fighter, sustaining Gs, and how to prepare for a jet ride. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
How to be prepared for a jet fighter ride
Flying a jet fighter is no ordinary experience. However, you should feel stressed out if you have booked a jet ride as there is nothing you can not handled. First of all, you should eat before flying. The common mistake is to think you will automatically be sick and therefore most people avoid having breakfast or lunch before the flight. You should eat, not beyond reason though, as you need the energy to fight the Gs and your own stress. Without energy, you may feel weak and unwell during the jet fighter experience. During the flight itself, do not hesitate to speak. You are in constant communication with the pilot, and he will speak to you. Check if you are ok, if you are enjoying ride. He may even whistle whilst doing loops. But you should also speak to your pilot, especially if you are getting unwell. The objective is for you to enjoy the jet ride as much as possible. Tell the pilot how you feel, if you want to stop, or to the contrary, if you feel great and want to push. Feel rested before the fighter jet flight. We have on numerous occasions flown people who were celebrating their bachelor parties. They went to bed late, most certainly drunk, and were not too rested for the flight. Inevitably, these people will be sick. On the contrary, if you are well rested, you will have all the power to fight the Gs and enjoy the fighter jet ride. Don’t be nervous as well, as there is no need to. You are in good hands, and the only thing to worry about is having fun. After your jet ride, you will most certainly feel tired. Most people do, and this is absolutely normal. This is also one of the reason we invite you to stay with us after the ride, also because we like to share our passion, but to give you time to relax and recharge your batteries before driving off. And if you have been sick on the ride, don’t worry, the effects go away pretty quickly. You just need to relax and eat something to feel as good as new! Want to fly a jet fighter ? Contact us and we will set-up a date.
Our latest jet fighter ride video
Check out our new jet fighter ride video. We have flown in Abbeville recently and we had a lot of fun. The area is absolutely great as there is almost no one in the sky, allowing for low level flying, and enjoying the views of the great white cliffs. The scenery is stunning, especially when flying low level above the sea and towards the cliffs. We had tremendous fun. But we always fly safely. We will be there again soon, and we will update you on this website about our next dates in Abbeville. So if you want to experience the thrills of a lifetime, come and fly with us. If you are licensed pilot, bring your license with you and you will do most of the flying (except the evolutions of course, though you may do some rolls). A jet fighter ride is a fantastic experience, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information. The flight in the video was done in the Fouga Magister, one of the best jet trainer in the world, very agile.