A tribute to Charles

We would like to pay tribute to Charles Crépin who passed away just a few days ago. Charles had been suffering from cancer for many years, pushing himself to the limit for him and his family. He tried out new tests and programs for years to hope for a better life without cancer. Unfortunately Charles lost his battle a few days ago and we are all saddened by this news. We came across Charles path at the end of last year when his wife contacted us to help him achieve his dream of flying into space. We came as close as possible by organizing a jet fighter ride in the Mig 29 to the stratosphere, the edge of space. Charles cleared the medical tests and was able to fly the Mig 29. Being a pilot himself, Charles even took controls of the jet fighter to feel the Mig 29. We are all saddened by Charles’ passing away. But we would like to pay tribute to his courage and will to live, to experience, and to achieve his dreams. Let it be a lesson to us all. Charles, have a good flight!

Vol Mig 29 Charles par AERO-DESIGN