First and foremost, we are a team of people passionate about aviation and especially fighter jets. We have managed to team up with the right people to make this unique fighter jet ride experience available to the general public, with a view to share our passion and allow the public to get a taste of what it is like to be a fighter pilot. It is all about emotion and the smile on your face as you step out of the fighter jet that makes us do this. Our gratification is that you will never forget us for you will have lived a truly unique moment in your life.

We are also precise and meticulous as flying a fighter jet is no ordinary experience and we take all necessary precautions to feel safe in our planes. It is not just for your safety, but ours too. And we have been trained for this as army fighter pilots. So you are in good hands when flying with us.

The pilots :

All our pilots are most highly qualified. They are either still active in the French army or retired, and all have tremendous experience of air combat in various areas of the world where the French army is and has been involved. All our pilots speak English and French and will make their best efforts to make your fighter jet flight a truly unique experience.

The objective for us is for you to enjoy your fighter jet flight. Hence we always fly according to your G tolerance. By discussing with you and monitoring your reactions in the cockpit, we will know if we need to push or otherwise, to stay cool. During the entire duration of the flight, you will be in constant contact with the pilot so you can let him know how you feel.

See what we do:

www.fighter-jet.co.uk is owned by Tematis, the French leisure specialist. You can also visit www.flyajetfighter.com for other fighter rides elsewhere in the world.

We fly fighter jets in France, Switzerland, and very soon in the UK.