Fighter Jet Rides

Make your dream come true and fly in one of our fighter jets. We fly the L39 Albatros and the Fouga Magister, two fantastic fighter jets that very agile and deliver extraordinary sensations.

The L39 Albatros is a smooth fighter jet ideal for training. The plane is agile and easy to fly, even at low speed. We fly the L39 Albatros in Paris and in Bordeaux, two attractive cities that you should try to visit when coming to fly with us. We also fly an L39 Albatros from Switzerland, an interesting playground as we can fly alongside mountains and ridges.

The Fouga Magister is a very agile fighter jet. Instantly recognizable with its unique V tail, the Fouga Magister is the former jet of the French National display team, the Patrouille de France. And it is easy to understand why… The plane is one of the easiest to fly, and extremely agile. We fly the Fouga Magister from Beauvais, near Paris.

Want to see what it feels like to fly with us ? See one of our videos: