Aerobatics in a jet fighter

We love flying jet fighters, because we can share our passion with you, but also because it gives you taste of the action, and you can feel what it would be like to be a fighter pilot. One phase of the fun flight we particularly enjoy is when doing aerobatics. You do not need to do aerobatics to get the fun, but it offers a more special feeling about flying jets and the capabilities of the planes. One figure I personally love is the Immelmann, and when flying with us, we will let you try this one, should we feel you are not going to do something crazy of course.

The immelmann is a a roll of the top, half loop followed by a barrel. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to change direction and gain altitude. We start by gently pulling the nose of the plane to start the loop. When we are half way in the loop, we push the control either to the left or right to engage in a barrel, and that’s it. We are now flying in opposite direction, at level flight.

Want to see what it looks like? This video is an F-16 doing the Immelmann: