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Congratulations to Solar Impulse

We would like to say Congratulations to Bertrand Piccard for his success in the 1st international flight of Solar Impulse. Although his aim is to demonstrate that solar power – green energy – can actually power airplanes is a bit “opposite” to what we actually do – flying jet fighters – we think Friday 13th May will remain as a milestone in aviation history. Solar Impulse took off from Payerne in Switzerland and flew almost 13 hours to land in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. By airplane standards this is quite slow, but the accomplishment is amazing. This step is another one on the ladder of greener energy, and maybe one day, we will see this applied to jet fighters as well. A few months ago, a F-22 Raptor flew on bio fuel, showing that most people in the aviation industry are actually planning for greener fuel for fast jets. Before it becomes a reality, Congratulations again to Bertrand Piccard for this great accomplishment.

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