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Corporate events: fly a jet fighter

We get more and more involved in the organization of corporate events and this has proven fun to do. It is always exciting to participate in the launch a product, or to reward winners of a competition, to discuss about our job and what it means to fly a jet fighter… We have done many different things in the past 6 months, which have been very good. So here is a recap of what we can do: for TVs and the press wishing to experience and report on the experience, you are welcome to do so – however there is no free ride – unless we think we will get decent coverage for your report, but it better be good (even the BBC paid…). Product launch, we work with various brands who wish to be assimilated to the concept of excellence of fighter jet pilots, or the adrenalin, and power of flying a jet fighter. This we can do especially well in both our hangars near Paris. Advertising, and this is fun. You can place your products or services next to our jet fighters, or use them as background for your advert. But we truly love is to fly, and share the experience, so we love these corporate days out when companies come in order to have a good time and fly the jet fighter. This is great and very fulfilling for us. So if ever you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.