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Fighter jet flight: what to expect in flight

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Flying a fighter jet is no ordinary experience. Many people have different reactions when sitting in the cockpit. Some are quietly happy, others demonstrate their nervousness by talking incessantly, others are just quiet as if taking the train to go home. But we know a jet fighter ride is truly a unique and amazing experience, this is why we take all measures to make sure you have a wonderful time.

Firstly and most importantly, we always fly according to the passenger’s G tolerance. Some people sustain more Gs than others. Smaller people handle the Gs very well as the blood travels shorter distances in the body, making it easier to sustain the Gs than taller people. That said, don’t worry if you are tall, many handle the accelerations very well as well.

Our flying experience is usually composed of 3 phases. The first phase includes take off and the first minutes of the flight. We will do gentle maneuvers to see how the passenger reacts. We may try sharp turns and barrels. If the person is ok, we know we will enjoy some aerobatics later in the flight. Then we start the second phase, which is usually a mix of scenic and low altitude flying. The perfect moment to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective, sometimes with adrenaline.

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Our third flying phase is made of aerobatics and maneuvers. We show you what the plane can do with loops, barrels, Cuban eight and other aerobatics. It is mixed with inverted flight and low altitude passes. The pilot is in constant communication with the passenger and the latter tells the pilot when to stop, if needed. This phase will really make you feel like a fighter pilot – just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

We debrief when we land and take all the pictures you want with a drink. Flying a fighter jet is truly a unique experience, so we make sure you leave with a big smile on your face, and an unforgettable souvenir.