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Fly a jet fighter from Abbeville

Due to success we will open more dates to fly a jet fighter in Abbeville. Our Fouga Magister is usually stationed at Beauvais, just one hour south of Abbeville, but we will organise more dates to fly this fighter in May, in Abbeville. Why this town ? Because we are over the sea in just 30mn, and because the scenery is just spectacular. We take off flying north west towards the bay of Somme, and then we put the nose down until we are just meters from the water so you can experience the speed of a jet fighter. Look left, and you can admire the great cliffs of Etretat. This truly is a great flight. Then flying back to the airfield we enjoy a few aerobatics, such as loops and barrels… just before landing. To fly a jet fighter in these conditions is more than great, this is why we will put the Fouga Magister for 3 weekends in May over there. So you get a chance to experience all this, as well share our passion for fast planes. Get in touch for more information.