Fly a jet fighter in Paris

We love flying jets, this is one of the most exhilarating things one can do. When flying our jet fighter from Paris, you will be able to enjoy great scenery, such as the rolling hills of Normandy, as well as experience a full aerobatic program. We always fly according to G tolerance so the flying experience remains great for you. But if you hold the Gs well, then you are on for a treat. Check out our video to see what it is like. We do barrels, loops, inverted flying, low level passes, Cuban eight… just like in a normal aerobatic aircraft, but with the speed and power of the L39 Albatros. This jet fighter is ideal as it is originally a trainer, and the jet ride is very smooth. The canopy is wide so you get a full view of the environment, and it is very easy to fly. If we are confident enough, we will even give you control of the plane. Although we are still in February, we have some good sunny days to fly, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to try to fly a jet fighter.