Fly a jet fighter in winter

Winter is coming and we can feel the cold slowly but surely getting there. Fall is not the best month to fly a jet fighter because the weather is changing rapidly, the ceiling is very low, and it rains many days of the month. Winter on the contrary can offer some exquisite flying days. Ok the sun is not always there, and it may snow, but when the sun comes out and clears the sky, you get a pilot’s dream sky with a very pale blue sky, beautiful snowy scenery, a comfortable temperature in the cockpit, and all the very best mood to enjoy a jet fighter ride. So don’t wait for Santa to bring you the gift of a lifetime and come fly with us. Whether for pure fun or instruction, we will take care of your experience from A to Z. Want to know more, check out our pages with information about flying a jet fighter in France. Contact us for any query you may have.