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Fly the L39 Albatros in Switzerland

Fly the L39 Albatros in Switzerland. With winter coming fast, we are very pleased to announce that we will add more jet fighter flights in Switzerland this winter. Flying on a bright day, with clear blue sky, crisp air, cold temperatures and the snow capped mountains is more than extraordinary. The beauty of flying in Switzerland is that as soon as you take off, it’s already magical. Our L39 Albatros jet fighter is based in Sion, which is a valley in the middle of a triangle made of Montreux, Bern and Lake Maggiore.

fly fighter jet l39 switzerland

After a full briefing, we get in the plane, start the engines and taxi to the runway hopefully heading west – weather permitting. Why ? Simply because as soon as you take off you get the beautiful Mont Blanc in full view, and then to the right Lake Geneva. Flying in the mountains is a serious business. You need to make sure you can handle the relief, the speed and traffic. But when you do – as we do – flying a jet fighter in the Swiss Alps is 100% pure pleasure.

fly fighter jet l39 switzerland

The best of it is probably playing with the relief. Flying along ridges and crossing passes. It gives you immense power as you play with nature, following the curves and peaks that have taken millions of years to design. Some friends flying the Hawker Hunter will even follow the curves of the Matterhorn up to its summit. Needless to say it just takes seconds, but the feeling is great. You can compare flying in the mountains to getting a bird spirit. It is as close as you can get to what a bird can experience as you maneuver along the mountains.

You can experience this jet fighter ride in the Swiss Alps by jumping in the back seat of our L39 Albatros. Check the details of this fighter jet flight.