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Formation flying – man vs jet fighter

Can a man fly on his own with two jet fighters alongside him ? Say again ? Yves Rossi, whose nickname is “The Jetman”, has just done that. And this is simply mind-blowing. Yves Rossi is not your traditional thrill seeking crazy man. For one thing, he is 52 years old, so one could say he has reached wise age. He has been a military pilot, flying Hawker Hunter and Mirage III with the Swiss Air Force, and then flying as an airline pilot. But The Jetman always had the dream of flying the more naturally and starting working a unique project. Yves has developed a unique 2.4m wide wing that he carries on his back, with a reactor that allows him to reach a speed of 300Kmh. The best, with the down force and speed, he can actually fly, gain altitude, turn, and truly behave like his body is an aircraft.

In 2008, he crossed the Channel, then he tried to cross the Gibraltar straight but had to abort in flight because of bad weather. In May this year, he flew over Grand Canyon. And now, he has achieved another incredible milestone. He flew in formation with two jet fighters of the Breitling Team. The two jet fighters were flying at minimum speed, while Yves Rossi was pushing at max speed. The video is incredible and after that, we are just wondering what will be the Jetman’s next challenge.