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Gavin Ramjaun of ITV flies our jet fighter in France

We had a fantastic time welcoming Gavin Ramjaun from ITV Daybreak, in France. He came to experience the thrills of a jet fighter ride and what it feels like to be a fighter pilot. This experience was organised by Performance Entertainment and Warner Bros for the launch of the Green Lantern DVD in a few days in the UK. And it was a fun day. We are getting used to camera crews, and it is quite funny to see the presenter rehearsing and then doing his bit. Then the serious stuff started…

We got Gavin dressed up with the flying suit, then seated in the cockpit for the briefing about instruments, communication and security in the jet fighter. Especially for the show, we have put the smoke system to make it more visual, and then it was engines on… The jet fighter flight started with a pass over the runway for the camera crew and then off we went for a 30mn ride including aerobatics.

This was a great day and a pleasure to meet Gavin and the team. Here are a few pictures of the day. If you want, like Gavin, the fly a jet fighter, do not hesitate to contact us.