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Getting ready for air combat

As we mentioned earlier, we are now preparing for a great new flying experience: dogfighting. And to finalise our operations, this summer we went to see some friends in California to see how they were doing it. And we have been reassured as we have had some tremendous fun flying and fighting, just like in air combat. In California, two outfits are doing dog fighting. One with L39 Albatros jet fighters – Mach One. The experience is great, and you have a pilot assisting and looking out for all the traditional dangers of flying a jet fighter so you can focus on the shooting. This was great fun. The other outfit is Air Combat and they propose the dog fighting experience in smaller propeller planes. This experience proved to be even better than with jet fighters as we could focus entirely on what a fighter pilot does – flying and fighting – instead of just trying to shoot. Smaller planes give offer a full hands-on approach without worrying for Gs, sharp turns and so forth. Ultimately, even if dogfighting in a jet fighter is a lot of fun, especially for pilots, we found the smaller planes better adjusted to non pilots. We are quite happy as this is the path we have chosen for our new operations to start soon in Bordeaux. We are finalizing bits and pieces, and we promise you, it will be fantastic!