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How to be prepared for a jet fighter ride

Flying a jet fighter is no ordinary experience. However, you should feel stressed out if you have booked a jet ride as there is nothing you can not handled. First of all, you should eat before flying. The common mistake is to think you will automatically be sick and therefore most people avoid having breakfast or lunch before the flight. You should eat, not beyond reason though, as you need the energy to fight the Gs and your own stress. Without energy, you may feel weak and unwell during the jet fighter experience.

During the flight itself, do not hesitate to speak. You are in constant communication with the pilot, and he will speak to you. Check if you are ok, if you are enjoying ride. He may even whistle whilst doing loops. But you should also speak to your pilot, especially if you are getting unwell. The objective is for you to enjoy the jet ride as much as possible. Tell the pilot how you feel, if you want to stop, or to the contrary, if you feel great and want to push.

Feel rested before the fighter jet flight. We have on numerous occasions flown people who were celebrating their bachelor parties. They went to bed late, most certainly drunk, and were not too rested for the flight. Inevitably, these people will be sick. On the contrary, if you are well rested, you will have all the power to fight the Gs and enjoy the fighter jet ride. Don’t be nervous as well, as there is no need to. You are in good hands, and the only thing to worry about is having fun.

After your jet ride, you will most certainly feel tired. Most people do, and this is absolutely normal. This is also one of the reason we invite you to stay with us after the ride, also because we like to share our passion, but to give you time to relax and recharge your batteries before driving off. And if you have been sick on the ride, don’t worry, the effects go away pretty quickly. You just need to relax and eat something to feel as good as new!

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