Jon Egging will be missed

We would like to have a thought for Jon Egging who died at 33. Jon was one of the best pilots in the world, and crashed his Hawk T1 after a demonstration of the Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Air Festival in Dorset, England. Jon was part of the elite of fighter pilots jets. He joined the Red Arrows in 2010 and was Red 4, flying on the right hand of the Nine Diamond Formation. We are all saddened by this loss and our thoughts go to his family and friends. Earlier in the year Jon spoke to his local newspaper about being part of the Red Arrows, and how privileged he felt to be a member of such an elite team. He totally deserved to be part of the team as Jon was a fantastic pilot and a true team player. All the pilots of the Red Arrows are jet fighter pilots from frontline Royal Air Force squadrons.