Melting a L-39 jet fighter ?

Is it a joke or is it real ? The story goes that a guy – Lutz – melted his L-39 jet fighter to raise concern about recycling. Well, would this be true ? Robert Anthony Lutz, arguably one of the greatest names in the automotive industry, has elected to take his life in a different direction.
At the experienced age of 81, he realizes that saving the world for future generations of automotive enthusiasts is a great concern. After a dinner party hosted by Al Gore, Lutz now finds himself aligned with the former presidential candidate when it comes to global warming. He states that “I no longer find performance cars a concern. In fact, I believe that conservation of fossil fuels is more-so a priority at this time.” Lutz has apparently motioned to melt down his prized L-39 fighter jet as a gesture to recycle metal and preserve the environment. He has also abandoned his traditional Republican Party affiliations to associate himself with the ultra-left Green Party. “Maximum Bob has long been my nickname for whatever reason, and it’s now time for a change. Maximum-ism implies excess, and that’s not what I’m about anymore. Call me ‘Minimum Bob.’ I’m all about conservation from here on out.” We saw this coming. How? Back in 2008, Lutz was quoted as saying “the electrification of the automobile is inevitable.” To sum it up, it can be said that the funeral for fast whips is nearing. If Bob Lutz no longer has faith in speed, neither do we. That was a good one!