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New regulation to apply to jet fighter rides

Regulations are currently changing in France, and imposing a no fly zone in South West France for all jet fighter rides. Unfortunately, this implies that we are no longer permitted to offer to fly a jet fighter from Bordeaux. This no fly zone is temporary whilst the administration ruling the French skies publishes new regulation this summer which will apply with immediate effect. We are quite happy of this new regulation as it will professionalise the operation of jet fighters. We are already operating in compliance with the future guidelines so this will have no effect on us, but we are pleased as such is not the case for some other operators who, we think, are sometimes borderline. As, for the moment, we may not take you flying in Bordeaux, we have increased our capacities in Paris where we fly the L39 Albatros, as well as in Beauvais and Abbeville where we fly our Fouga Magister. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us. Overall, these new regulations are a blessing – and we had lobbied for this – as it will force other operators to reach a high standard in aviation in order to fly jet fighters.