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We are getting a new jet fighter

We are very excited to announce that we are currently in the process of acquiring a new jet fighter – L39 Albatros – to be stationed in Bordeaux. This is exciting as this will allow us to do more jet fighter rides, but also to have more fun flying in formation. The purchase will take a bit of time, as it usually does when buying a plane – this is not a can of beans – and we expect the delivery of the plane towards September. Then the jet fighter will go under testing to ensure full security. After that we will do a few hours to make sure we get the right feel before getting anyone on board. So after all this, we should be able to get some passengers looking for adrenaline towards the end of October or early December. We are also very lucky as we have in our team of pilots some who have been members of the Patrouille de France, our national display team, and they will help us deliver great formation flying evolutions. Of course we are all used to flying in pairs, but we are looking at delivering that extra sensation when you do display maneuvers. We know it is a bit far off, but we are so excited about this that we wanted to share this big news with you. In the meantime, come experience the thrills of a lifetime by getting into the cockpit and fly a jet fighter.