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We fly our jet fighter in Abbeville in July!

We will be flying our Fouga Magister jet fighter in Abbeville at the following dates:

  • 31st July 2011
  • 24-25th September 2011

Keep the date if you want to live a truly amazing flying experience. Abbeville is a fantastic smaller airport. Located just south of Le Touquet, it has a nice pilot lounge, restaurant and bar which is overlooking the runway. It is great also because the people who accompany you for the ride can come to the plane and take great pictures of you by and in the jet. Secondly, Abbeville is fantastic because we can do some aerobatics just above the airfield. So your family and friends can also enjoy the ride.

But thirdly, the greatest thing about Abbeville is that we are so quick to the sea. You fly the jet fighter – yes you take the controls – on our way from Abbeville to the Sea. You can even do some maneuvers like little turns, and if we are confident enough, we will let you do a roll. Then, we regain the controls of the jet fighter as we reach the sea. We will lower our altitude and another fun begins… This is truly amazing.

Check out some of our videos on this website. You can also see some videos on our Vimeo page:

If you want to know more about our jet fighter rides, and how you can book yours, please contact us by email or telephone.