fly fighter jet fly a jet fighterWe fly fighter jets. YOU can also experience the thrills of a lifetime by jumping into the cockpit of our fighter planes and fly with us. We do jet fighter rides along in France, the UK and Switzerland. Flying a jet fighter is an extraordinary feeling. We always fly according to G tolerance so that your experience is totally enjoyable. We may even let you take the controls of the plane. We are all either still active in the airforce or have just retired. We have extensive military and aerobatics flying experience. We have flown in most combat zones. Please browse our website for more information and check our videos and pictures for a sense of what you could experience.
L39 Albatros fighter jet
The L39 Albatros is a smooth fighter jet. An ideal jet trainer, this jet fighter is easy to fly and allows pilots to test their skills. We fly this jet fighter in France (Paris and Bordeaux) as well as Switzerland...
Fouga Magister fighter jet
The Fouga Magister is an extraordinary fighter jet. It is so agile it has been the former jet of the Patrouille de France, the national display team. This plane is ideal to try out aerobatics and feel the G force...
What to expect in a fighter jet ride
You will experience the power of a fighter jet. We usually start gently to see how you react, then we do some tactical manoeuvers, low level flight before finishing with aerobatics. We will fly according to your G tolerance.