Fly a jet fighter in July

Wow it’s already July! It has gone so fast. We have had a fantastic six months of the year. We have been flying almost every day, getting more and more people to fly a jet fighter and experience the thrills of a lifetime. Here are some news about what happened in June. We have done more than 15 sorties this month in the Fouga Magister in Abbeville. And flying right over the water and along the cliffs is still something that gives us goose bumps. The rest of the time we have been flying the Fouga in Beauvais, and the L39 Albatros in Paris. What else: we were associated with the launch of movies, namely Transformers 3 and the Green Lantern, as people could enter a competition to win a jet fighter ride. We have done many corporate events also, companies inviting clients and rewarding employees with a jet ride, and this has taken also a bit of time. Lastly, we have welcomed NBC, the US network as they were filming a documentary about extraordinary experiences, and we are quite good at this. We expect July to be as good. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about flying a jet fighter, sustaining Gs, and how to prepare for a jet ride. We will be happy to answer all your questions.