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Fighter combat experience

Monday, November 19th, 2012
There is a new and fun way to fly, and even better, to experience a real dog fight. This amazing flying experience is done in France. If you dreamed about being a fighter pilot, this new experience is for you. With real fighter pilots, you will learn to fly a specially designed and adapted ultra light and engage in a dogfight. This is a truly awsome experience that you can find with Tematis, the specialist in extraordinary trips and experiences. Here is what they say: Become a fighter pilot for Read More....

Do an aerial combat for real!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Become a fighter pilot for a day. Engage your enemy during a laser air combat dogfight in France. This is a unique aerial combat experience, done over the vineyards of Bordeaux. After a full morning briefing about flying techniques and air combat, you will be the top gun pilot engaging in a real dogfight. Each aircraft is equipped with a laser targeting system and smoke system. Aim, shoot, and see your rival aircraft smoke as you hit the plane. This amazing experience is done near Bordeaux in FrRead More....