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Fighter combat experience

Monday, November 19th, 2012
There is a new and fun way to fly, and even better, to experience a real dog fight. This amazing flying experience is done in France. If you dreamed about being a fighter pilot, this new experience is for you. With real fighter pilots, you will learn to fly a specially designed and adapted ultra light and engage in a dogfight. This is a truly awsome experience that you can find with Tematis, the specialist in extraordinary trips and experiences. Here is what they say: Become a fighter pilot for Read More....

Do an aerial combat for real!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Become a fighter pilot for a day. Engage your enemy during a laser air combat dogfight in France. This is a unique aerial combat experience, done over the vineyards of Bordeaux. After a full morning briefing about flying techniques and air combat, you will be the top gun pilot engaging in a real dogfight. Each aircraft is equipped with a laser targeting system and smoke system. Aim, shoot, and see your rival aircraft smoke as you hit the plane. This amazing experience is done near Bordeaux in FrRead More....

Getting ready for air combat

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
As we mentioned earlier, we are now preparing for a great new flying experience: dogfighting. And to finalise our operations, this summer we went to see some friends in California to see how they were doing it. And we have been reassured as we have had some tremendous fun flying and fighting, just like in air combat. In California, two outfits are doing dog fighting. One with L39 Albatros jet fighters – Mach One. The experience is great, and you have a pilot assisting and looking out for all tRead More....