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Fly a jet fighter in Paris

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
We love flying jets, this is one of the most exhilarating things one can do. When flying our jet fighter from Paris, you will be able to enjoy great scenery, such as the rolling hills of Normandy, as well as experience a full aerobatic program. We always fly according to G tolerance so the flying experience remains great for you. But if you hold the Gs well, then you are on for a treat. Check out our video to see what it is like. We do barrels, loops, inverted flying, low level passes, Cuban eigRead More....

Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Paris

Monday, June 28th, 2010
Fly our new fighter jet, the L39 Albatros in Pontoise. Just minutes away from Paris, we offer the unique opportunity to fly the L39 Albatros jet fighter. We take off and then follow the Seine River to the west and enjoy some aerobatics before returning to land. Experience the thrills of a lifetime and come fly in our jet. Read More....