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Fouga Magister > Fly the legend
We simply love our Fouga Magister. And we love it for the good reasons: maneuverability, speed, security and it is also beautiful to look at. The Fouga Magister is instantly recognizable by its V tail. Designed in the 1950s to assume the role of jet trainer, the Fouga Magister went far beyond. The plane has trained thousands of jet fighter pilots around the world. But the Fouga was so good and so maneuverable, at the same time so easy to fly, that it has been enrolled in many combat missions around the world.
A day with the Patrouille de France
We had a great time on Friday 6th August as we hosted a special event for our very special guests: the Patrouille de France. The French national display team accepted our invitation and we spent a great day sharing stories, but also flying ! And it was great to regroup our L39 Albatros with the team. The Patrouille de France flies Alphajets and we have had the chance to enjoy the sight of the team training and following them. We also spent a fantastic evening in our hangar, with the team.
New cameras for our jet fighter
As we met with our friends from the Patrouille de France the French national air display team, we have decided to add some cameras on the L39 Albatros to immortalize this unique day. The result is stunning and we can now offer great videos and pictures of our jet fighter rides for our passengers. We have equipped the L39 Albatros in Bordeaux, and might do so as well in Paris.
Mig 31 Foxhound… So long
Flying fighter jets is a dream come true. One of them was being able to fly the Mig 31 Foxhound. The plane was taking you to 70,000ft, to the edge of space, so one could feel like an astronaut, admiring the blue colours of the earth and the black of space. This incredible experience was delivered by our Russian friends at SOKOL airbase, the base where they actually test the Migs. Unfortunately, due to high operating costs and fewer clients able to spend that kind of money, they have had to stop flying this airplane. However, they keep flying to the edge of space in the Mig 29, which is more affordable and more cost effective to run.
Fighter jet flight: what to expect in flight
Flying a fighter jet is no ordinary experience. Many people have different reactions when sitting in the cockpit. Some are quietly happy, others demonstrate their nervousness by talking incessantly, others are just quiet as if taking the train to go home. But we know a jet fighter ride is truly a unique and amazing experience, this is why we take all measures to make sure you have a wonderful time.
Experience G Force
Anyone flying with us – in any type of aircraft actually – will experience G force. We commonly refer to G force as “times” body weight when doing evolutions. When flying in our fighter jets, you may experience up to 7Gs. But what is G force exactly ? The gravitational force, or g-force, on something is its acceleration relative to free-fall. This acceleration experienced by an object is due to the vector sum of non-gravitational forces. Accelerations not produced by gravity are termed proper accelerations, and cause stresses and strains on objects. Because of these strains, large g-forces may be destructive.
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Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Paris
Fly our new fighter jet, the L39 Albatros in Pontoise. Just minutes away from Paris, we offer the unique opportunity to fly the L39 Albatros jet fighter. We take off and then follow the Seine River to the west and enjoy some aerobatics before returning to land. Experience the thrills of a lifetime and come fly in our jet.
Jeff Knowles flies the F35C
First flight for the Lockheed Martin F35C naval version of the fighter jet. OK, you cannot fly the F35 jet fighter as a paying passenger but we wanted to congrat our friend and pilot Jeff Knowles, who flew the F35C for the first time early June. The F35C is the naval variant of the F35 – also called Joint Strike Fighter in reference to the program designed to elect the next generation of fighters and striker aircrafts.
Fly the L39 Albatros in Bordeaux, France
Is there a better season than spring and summer to fly fighter jets ? Well, our boys in Bordeaux think not. The weather is perfect, the sky clear, and you get beautiful views on the fast passing landscape. We fly the L39 Albatros in Bordeaux, a great location to fly jets. The weather is usually good all year long, and the scenery is fantastic. Usually we will take off and fly towards the Dune of Pyla, the highest dune in Europe
Latest fighter jet video: fly the fouga magister