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Doing our bit for the environment
To fly a jet fighter consumes a lot of kerosene and off course is not the best thing for the environment. And although we love flying our jet fighters, we are also very much aware of the problems of the environment and what we will leave to our next generation. This is why we have signed up with Action Carbone, an NGO managed by Frenchman Yann Arthus Bertrand, and our now making a contribution each time we fly. Basically, we compensate each flight by making a donation of 27 euros. It may not sound much, but this is still something and we are happy to do that. The next step would be for engineers to think about transforming jet engines so that they can work with bio fuel. Tests have been done with airlines such as Virgin, but progress has still to be made regarding military planes.
Learn to do aerobatics in a jet fighter
This experience is exclusively for private pilots only. Get your hands on the Fouga Magister and learn to do aerobatics in a fighter jet. This extraordinary experience is done during a one hour flight with a 30mn session to get used to flying the plane and then a 30mn of learning how to do aerobatics such as rolls, loops and Cuban eight… Your experience starts with a security briefing followed by a technical briefing reviewing aerodynamics and flight controls and behaviours. Then you will be strapped into the cockpit for this unique experience. After getting to know the behaviour of the plane, start learning with our experienced pilot how to do rolls and loops. The pilot has over 20 years of experience with the French Air Force and the Patrouille de France. This truly is a challenge and is a once in a lifetime experience.You must hold a valid private pilot licence and show it on the day. You must not have any heart problems or neurological problems and must be over 15 years of age. You must also be under 2 metres tall (6.5ft). What to expect ? You will take the controls of the jet fighter in flight and with the guidance of the pilot, do a few maneuvers, such as rolls, loops, Cuban eight and so forth. Geat ready for some serious jet fighter ride. Contact us to know more.
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Aerobatics in a jet fighter
Flying a jet fighter is a great experience, as long you as you get to experience some aerobatics to truly feel the plane. And the simplest maneuver you can experience is the barrel roll. The great thing about this figure is that anyone, with any plane, can achieve it. It is so easy and so un-dangerous that even commercial airliners can do it. As a matter of fact, the test pilot of the Boeing 727 did a barrel roll in front of the crowd during its demonstration, scaring the hell out of the Boeing CEO of the time, but the test pilot knew it was feasible. The test pilot of Concord did one too with this incredible jet liner. So how does it work? Easy. You gain a bit of speed and then slightly raise the nose of the plane and then turn left or right. Maintain the roll and keep the plane level until the end of the roll. And that’s it. The official definition is “a combination of a loop and a roll. One loop is completed while completing one roll. The flight path during a barrel roll has the shape of a horizontal corkscrew”. If you want to experience aerobatics a in a jet fighter, you have come to the right place. Contact us and we will arrange a flight for you.
TV presenters flying jet fighters
Many TV crews come to us to do some reports with our jet fighters. Recently we had two TV presenters, Luc Gilson from the Belgian TV, and Steve Backshall from the BBC. Both took the very hard bet to present their shows whilst actually flying and doing maneuvers. This is very difficult to do because you would need to focus on your text, what to say, and sustaining the Gs at the same time. This can be tricky. Overall all went well, it always does, and it is a fun day out for us. However we have to admit that Steve has overdone it a bit…
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Aerobatics in a jet fighter
We love flying jet fighters, because we can share our passion with you, but also because it gives you taste of the action, and you can feel what it would be like to be a fighter pilot. One phase of the fun flight we particularly enjoy is when doing aerobatics. You do not need to do aerobatics to get the fun, but it offers a more special feeling about flying jets and the capabilities of the planes. One figure I personally love is the Immelmann, and when flying with us, we will let you try this one, should we feel you are not going to do something crazy of course. The immelmann is a a roll of the top, half loop followed by a barrel. This is one of the easiest and fastest way to change direction and gain altitude. We start by gently pulling the nose of the plane to start the loop. When we are half way in the loop, we push the control either to the left or right to engage in a barrel, and that’s it. We are now flying in opposite direction, at level flight.
Fly a jet fighter in Paris
We love flying jets, this is one of the most exhilarating things one can do. When flying our jet fighter from Paris, you will be able to enjoy great scenery, such as the rolling hills of Normandy, as well as experience a full aerobatic program. We always fly according to G tolerance so the flying experience remains great for you. But if you hold the Gs well, then you are on for a treat. Check out our video to see what it is like. We do barrels, loops, inverted flying, low level passes, Cuban eight… just like in a normal aerobatic aircraft, but with the speed and power of the L39 Albatros. This jet fighter is ideal as it is originally a trainer, and the jet ride is very smooth. The canopy is wide so you get a full view of the environment, and it is very easy to fly. If we are confident enough, we will even give you control of the plane. Although we are still in February, we have some good sunny days to fly, so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to try to fly a jet fighter.
Fly a jet fighter along the cliffs of Etretat
We will position our Fouga Magister in Abbeville for Easter 2011. What that means is we will be able to reach very quickly the beautiful cliffs of Etretat. This is a fantastic experience for anyone wishing to live thrills of a jet fighter ride. We take off from Abbeville, then fly towards the coast. Then we dive and fly along the cliffs. This is a magical moment. We also fly low level over the sea so that you can feel the speed of the jet fighter. Want to see what it looks like ? Check out our video:
Great video of L39 albatros jet fighter ride in Bordeaux
We mentioned recently that one of our jet fighters – L39 Albatros based in Bordeaux – could be equipped with cameras. We have compiled a video with the various angles and it gives a different view from what we usually see – the inside view of the cockpit. Enjoy the video.
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No more L39 Albatros rides in Switzerland
We are stopping flights on the L39 Albatros in Switzerland. This is sad news but unfortunately our partner in Sion was unable to continue for lack of a plane, which is a major point. We tried to shift our plane based in Pontoise and fly it to Switzerland for a while but in the end it did not work out and we have to stop the L39 albatros jet fighter ride from the Swiss Alps. We may resume in the future when we will find a serious and committed partner sharing our values and deliver great service to people who wish to live the thrills of flying a jet fighter. However, you can still fly a jet fighter in the Swiss Alps, a Mirage and Hawker Hunter, but the budget is a bit different and availability scarce.
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We fly fighter jets – and will love flying in 2011
Happy New Year to you all. We wish you health, happiness and success in all your endeavors. 2011 should be a very good year as we hope many people will come and fly with us. We do not provide a simple jet fighter ride, but the experience of a lifetime! Flying a jet fighter is fun, lots of adrenaline, and the opportunity to meet a friendly team who loves sharing the passion. In 2011, like in 2010, we will still operate three aircrafts, in 4 bases (one is actually travelling one week per month in Switzerland). You can fly: L39 Albatros in Paris L39 Albatros in Bordeaux Fouga Magister in Beauvais (north of Paris). All three destinations are totally unique. The jet fighters are also unique and flown by fantastic pilots who truly enjoy making the experience full. When flying in Paris, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of west Paris and Normandy. When flying in Bordeaux, you will experience the beauty of the beach – flying just feet from the water – and when flying from Beauvais, you will enjoy flying along the cliffs of Etretat, just feet from the water. Each flight is composed of three phases: 1/ we test you. We will do a few maneuvers such as rolls and sharp turns to see how you react. 2/ we do a little bit of sight seeing – at very low level and following the terrain so that you can enjoy the speed. 3/ Full aerobatics. This is where fighter pilots earn their medals as they sustain high levels of Gs doing rolls, loops and other funny maneuvers. Want to see what it feels like ?